Why PresenceLearning?

Since 2009, PresenceLearning has established a nationwide network of hundreds of fully qualified SLPs, OTs, and behavioral and mental health professionals available live and online to administer the most widely used assessments. Our clinicians have administered more than 6,000 online assessments.

Our licensed online professionals conduct full and comprehensive evaluations, prepare reports, write IEP goals, and attend meetings with the student’s support team. Free on-site staff from the “assessments backlog” to focus on other duties. Using our online clinicians for assessments will help you complete assessments in a timely manner, streamlining decisions about interventions, 504 eligibility, special education identification, and continued eligibility. Administering assessments online enables your school district or education agency to:

How do online assessments work?

Using the same techniques and materials as on-site evaluations, licensed PresenceLearning clinicians use our secure, web-based therapy platform to utilize a combination of direct student assessment, standardized assessment tools, student work sample evaluations, clinical observation (via webcam), records reviews, parent/teacher/student interviews, developmental/medical histories, and norm-referenced-standardized rating scales.

Assessments can take place anywhere that has both a computer and an internet connection: a resource room, a classroom, a computer lab, the library/media center, or any other area in the school—or even at home for virtual or homebound students. PresenceLearning clinicians have administered more than 6,000 online assessments. Research validates that assessments performed online by qualified, experienced professionals produce the same results as on-site assessments. We regularly engage with our partners to review and add additional commonly-used assessments.

How do psychoeducational assessments work?

Which assessments can we conduct online?


Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation – Third Edition (GFTA-3), Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis – Third Edition (KLPA-3), Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale-3 (Arizona-3), Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF-5), CELF-5 Screener, CELF-Metalinguistics, CELF-5 Reading and Writing Supplement, Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language (CASL), CELF 4-Spanish, Bilingual English-Spanish Assessment (BESA), Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT-4), Expressive Vocabulary Test (EVT-2), Children’s Communication Checklist (CCC-2), Stuttering Severity Instrument (SSI-4), Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test: Spanish Bilingual Edition (EOWPVT:SBE), Receptive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test: Spanish Bilingual Edition (ROWPVT:SBE), Testing of Auditory Processing – Third Edition (TAPS-3), Testing of Auditory Processing – Spanish Bilingual Edition (TAPS-SBE)


Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration, (Beery VMI), Sensory Profile 2, Sensory Processing Measure, School Function Assessment, Motor-Free Visual Processing Test – Fourth Edition (MVPT-4)


  • Abilities/Cognitive: Woodcock-Johnson IV Cognitive (WJ COG), Testing of Auditory Processing – Third Edition (TAPS-3), Testing of Auditory Processing – Spanish Bilingual Edition (TAPS-SBE)
  • Academic/Achievement: Woodcock-Johnson IV Achievement (WJ ACH), KeyMath – Third Edition
  • Social-Emotional & Behavioral (S/E/B): Gilliam Autism Rating Scale – Third Edition (GARS-3), CBCL, Conners CBRS, BASC-3
  • Adaptive Behavior: Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, ABAS-3, SIB-R, BRIEF-2

What does research say?

Click here for a research summary for Online Assessment Services including Psychoeducational Assessments

What do school leaders say?

THIS REPORT IS BEAUTIFUL. It is by far the most user friendly and easy to understand OT report I have ever seen in over two decades of work in special education!

A special education director at an ESA in Washington state

Each of our 11 SLPs had caseloads of 80 students … they knew they had kids that could be exited but they did not have the bandwidth to do the assessments.

A special education director from a district in Oregon
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