A company that cares as much about you as you do about providing life-changing care

You’ve devoted your studies and your professional life to helping people. But wouldn’t you like to spend more of your time actually serving patients and less time driving, filling out paperwork, and juggling excessive caseloads? Join the wave of the future with telehealth opportunities in schools or hospital settings.

PresenceLearning provides independent contractor opportunities to highly qualified speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and mental health professionals who want to:

  • Work from home at least 10 hours a week (or up to full time!)
  • Get ahead of the pack by working at the cutting edge of the field
  • Have a flexible schedule within the bounds of the typical work day
  • Work independently while taking advantage of the professional support of an established company
  • Be a part of an active and thriving community of more than 700 clinical professionals

Where can I learn more?

Visit our Provider FAQs page for answers to the most commonly asked questions about becoming a provider with PresenceLearning.

Why PresenceLearning?

Hear from some of our clinicians about why they love working with PresenceLearning. Want to see how online therapy works? Check out our other videos.

What do PresenceLearning providers say?

“There are lots of benefits. For example I’m a very social person and I find PresenceLearning a much more social environment than working in a school.”

Suzanne Vogel

“The flexibility is what attracted me to working online. I wanted to work on my time. I had one preschooler and a newborn on the way when I started working with PresenceLearning. I wanted to be able to have flexible hours that worked with my schedule so I could spend more time with my family.”

Jackie Tabony

“I have become more animated, and reinvigorated working via telepractice. I have also become more patient and tolerant when learning different school cultures as I have encountered districts in all parts of the United States. I have also been able to use a plethora of material available to us SLPs on the platform to teach creatively!”

Gila Cohen-Shaw
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